Brie Latimore
University of Pittsburg​h

​Speech Pathologist

"Life is too short to allow fear to dictate your next move" 


Richard Brickus
Morehouse University


Valonda Harris

Harvard University

Boston Prep Charter Public School

Richard Crum
Clark Atlanta University

Framework Media

Phebe West

Penn State University

I-Lead's Charter School

Embracing ARMS have been instrumental in changing the lives of many families over the past ten years. In order for the organization to grow we are always looking back at our past participants and asking for feedback and suggestions for change. We have a long list of participants that include community leaders, youth advocates, elected official, entrepreneur's, parents and former peer educators. Take a look...

Testimonials from former participants.



Our Health education encompasses direct services to the individual or family as well as activities that promote health and access to health care in communities and the larger public. Some topics may include HIV/AIDS education, depression, eating disorders, self esteem, and more.

Providing opportunities for families and children to engage in programs to help increase their educational success and opportunities for academic advancement. Empowering parents to engage the education system and understand their rights and responsibilities as parents.
Participants will explore topics that directly impact the safety, security, and quality of life in their community. Some topics may include texting and driving, safe streets, bullying, and more.
Embracing ARMS, Inc. is a non profit organization established in 2005 by three women who shared a passion for community development, social change, youth leadership and parent empowerment. Embracing Arms mission is to embrace the community by sharing knowledge, empowering our families, and implementing programs that can have a long lasting impact of the lives of our participants. Our vision is to empower families to take charge of their health, education and safety within the community in which they live.

"If It is to be its up to me".

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