• Reminiscing4:04
  • Tribulations3:14
  • Our Dilemma4:36
  • Leo's Legacy4:37
  • Dear Madison3:23
  • Conversations5:03
  • Energy3:49
  • Stating the Obvious3:27
  • Checking in (Skit)0:48
  • Invading the Temple4:05
  • Independent Destruction3:58
  • Food for Thought3:43
  • I Hate to Fall Asleep3:25
  • Love The Pain4:45
  • Real Quick2:53
  • Dope Dreams3:18
  • 9 To 53:51
  • Nothing but Rap3:45
  • Departure (Outro)1:19
  • Intro b4 the Intro0:52
  • Sounds Dark3:11
  • What If4:31

Do you know of a Teen that would be a great Peer Educator? Click here and register them for our upcoming 40 hour leadership training:

The Y.E.L.L. Program is a comprehensive sex education, peer to peer intervention initiative, designed to train teens on topics that have the greatest impact on our youth such as: Teen Pregnancy Prevention, STD Education/Prevention, HIV and AIDS, Self Esteem, Goal Setting, Eating Disorders, and Healthy Relationships.

This  40 hour training is provided to qualified high school student which also includes additional key modules such as: effective communication, public speaking, advocacy, conflict management and classroom management.

At the completion of this highly interactive  training , facilitated by skilled adults and community experts, the teens are then assigned workshops and mentoring sessions throughout their respective county to provide peer to peer intervention and powerful talks to engage their peers in conversations that focuses on making healthy choices.


Youth Embracing Life and Leadership