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Who We Are


Phebe West

 "I am still reaping the benefits of being a peer educator and  I am forever grateful and in debt to Mrs. Green and all of her hard work. She truly was and still is a role model for me."

Christian Morris

"There are many benefits including meeting other youth that are like you wanting to make a positive impact on the community, freely discuss with your peers about issues that has an impact on other youth, and the opportunity to help others deal with common issues especially those topics that adults don't like talking about. Peer education creates a trusting atmosphere where advice and facts can be shared."

Christian Morris_edited.jpg

Brian Cox

"It was always a trusting, judgement free environment where everyone was made to feel comfortable to ask questions and discuss personal issues. I still share the information I learned in the program with anyone who will listen to me today. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be a PEER."

Raechelle Sawyers

 " I remember being introduced to the Peer Education program by mentors who I looked up to, it seemed like a great opportunity and I was surrounded by people who I think had the best interest for me; most of whom knew my life situation.  I enjoy making a difference in student’s lives."

Valonda Harris.jpg

Valonda Harris

"I can think of a few things in my life that have had such a profound and lasting impact as my participation in the Peer Education program. I must admit that when I was first approached with the opportunity to take part in the program, I was excited about the prospect of getting paid to talk about the things that my friends and I whispered about all the time anyway. I had no idea then that I was getting more than a job but an education and experience with effects that would last a lifetime. More than the paycheck, I value the memories and the lessons that I learned. Lessons that I have carried with me into adulthood. Lessons that have helped to shape the way I view myself and my place in the world."

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