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Peer Education

Peer education draws on the credibility that young people have with their peers, leverages the power of role modeling, and provides flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of today's youth. Peer education can support young people in developing positive group norms and in making healthy decisions. Embracing ARMS, Inc. through our Y.E.L.L.  (Youth Embracing Life and Leadership) program trains teens to be public speakers and groomed to become community advocates and future leaders. 

Smiling Teens

Parent Empowerment

When parents are involved at home and school, children perform better in school and the schools get better. Schools need parents as partners in education, especially those who understand learning standards and data. When informed and empowered parents begin to care about all children, not just their own, this will ultimately encourage other parents to support and lead school-wide change.

Stand-up Meeting

Speaking Engagements

We have several topics to choose from and each session is engaging, entertaining, and full of knowledge sharing. The presentations range from 20 minute keynote speeches to multi-day workshops.

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