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Danielle Y. Hairston-Green,  Ph.D.,CFCS-HDFS

President & Founder

Dr. Danielle Y. Hairston Green holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Prairie View A&M University, a Master’s degree in Community Psychology & Social Change, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Penn State University. 

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Dr. Hairston Green’s action research includes “Perceptions of Mentors and Mentoring Relationships Among Minority Doctoral Students,” “Examining Microaggression at a Historically Black University,” and “The Impact of food insecurity and Homelessness Among College Students at an HBCU.” Her most recent co-authored published work is “Cultured Pearls: An investigation of culturally responsive pedagogical practices used by white teachers in urban settings”  and currently working on a second co-author document that focuses on Fatherhood.She has also designed C5E, the conceptual framework that suggest that early career success among recent graduates is predicted by non cognitive skill development and their intention to adopt new attitudes and beliefs.  ​ She served as the VP of an elected school board in Central Pennsylvania and the school board representative for the Capital Area Intermediate Unit. She also served as an Adolescent Health Educator and Prevention Specialist for 15 years at various nonprofit organizations, successfully implemented two leadership development training initiatives for teens serving more than 8000 teens, and a graduate school professor of Human Sciences. Additionally, she spent several years as a mobile therapist and therapeutic support staff with two well respected wrap around service organizations. Currently, she is the Institute Director for Human Development and Relationships with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, Co-Host for the Moth In Madison (Live Storytelling Slan),  and the founder of Embracing ARMS, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization with a vision to engage students and empower parents to take charge of their health, education, and safety within the community in which they live. Dr. Hairston Green is sought after to speak and facilitate workshops on state, local, national, and international platforms educating attendees on youth advocacy, parent empowerment, cultural diversity, change & conflict management, leadership development, and the power of storytelling.  Dr. Hairston Green’s leadership philosophy encompasses the ideal that leadership is about collaboration and teamwork within which team members can benefit one another’s strengths to counter individual weaknesses. She believes that the most outstanding leaders know their limitations and are adept at leveraging their strengths and the strengths of other to support the advancement of any organization.  As a leader and community advocate, she is committed to driving change that centers communities and results in equitable societies starting with a commitment to equity and inclusion for everyone. She is the mother of three adult children and four grandchildren.

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Speaking Topics

LEAPING AND SOARING: The impact of a single story




Prepare to be inspired as we explore the transformative potential of a single story and the incredible power of taking that leap of faith. This presentation is a captivating fusion of the art of storytelling and the profound lessons derived from daring to believe in oneself.

Our speaker will unveil five invaluable insights gained from their own courageous leaps in life, illustrating how these personal narratives have not only reshaped their own journey but have also served as catalysts for change in the lives of others. Discover how the act of storytelling can ignite empowerment, inspiring others to take their own daring leaps toward success and personal growth.

Unlock the secrets to confident leadership in this compelling presentation. Leading with confidence is a formidable challenge, but it's a skill that can transform your effectiveness as a leader. Too often, leaders find themselves consumed by self-doubt, constantly worrying about external perceptions, and unwittingly hindering their own professional growth and their organization's culture.

Do you desire clarity in your leadership journey? Are you searching for a deeper understanding of your purpose and actions? Would you like to exude a sense of pride and operate from a position of strength? This keynote addresses these crucial questions by championing the belief that every individual possesses innate leadership abilities, and nurturing these capabilities with confidence can yield profound positive effects on your colleagues and subordinates, both now and in the future. Join us on a journey towards becoming the confident leader you aspire to be.

Delve into the realm of preparing emerging leaders for a triumphant launch into their early careers with this insightful presentation. We will embark on a journey that investigates the perspectives of today's leaders, deciphering the intrinsic value they place on particular soft skills exhibited by our recent graduates. Moreover, we'll scrutinize the self-assessed proficiency of these skills by emerging leaders themselves, and shed light on the formidable obstacles that might impede their pathway to early career success. In addition, this presentation will introduce and expound upon the revolutionary conceptual framework known as C5E©, providing invaluable insights into navigating the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and professional development.

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, flexible work arrangements, and constantly evolving workplace dynamics, the task of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in the professional sphere has become increasingly challenging. This engaging presentation is designed to delve into a comprehensive framework encompassing ten effective strategies for cultivating and preserving healthy boundaries, both within the workplace and in the context of one's personal life.

"Dr. Hairston Green is a true connector who provides the people around her with opportunities to be the best version of themselves."

Dr. Rux

New York

"Your transparency and genuine love and care for us to be better and do better was very evident." 



"Thanks for bringing so much sunshine to our group. Your mention of the roots, bamboo trees, and growth process was right on target for all of us."



"You could hear a pin drop when Danielle was speaking."

JOY Conference


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Craig R. Hairston-Green, Jr.

Fiscal Manager


Domonique Green, BFA

Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist

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Michelle A. Hairston

Hip-Hop Historian & Youth Outreach Coordinator


Alenah Green

Social Media Coordinator


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Associate Director

Youth Development and Outreach


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Parent Outreach Educator


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